That thing you call MESS is your Message

Yes, it is your Message. You have suffered a lot, but God wants you to know that He has you covered and is with you. Be encouraged.

Module 2

Don’t Loss Your Praise

1.How to Use The Psalms to Praise God

2.Let All My Organs And Everything in me Praise Him

Module 3

You Are More Valuable Than the Stars

Module 4

There is power in Your Mouth. Use it!

1.You Have To Open Your Mouth And Say It

2. Sometimes All You Have To Do Is Say! Say! Say!

3.Say it Now. In My flesh, I shall see God.

Module 5

Peace Is a Gift Of God To You -Receive Peace Now

1.God Wants You To Have Peace

2. God Has lovely packaged His Peace as a Gift. Accept it Now

Module 6

This is God’s Sentence Over Your Life

Are you still struggling with what they said about you? Are you

still carrying the weight of what your father, mother, and they said about you? Drop it today.

Module 7

Stop Carrying dead weight around with you. Let the dead bury the dead.

You’re still holding onto the past, aren’t you? Jesus said you should leave dead things alone. Throughout this session, you will hear life-changing and encouraging messages. By not letting go of the past, you’re missing out on the opportunities being presented to you now. Make the most of the opportunities for positive growth by not letting your past hold you back.

1. Take Off your GRAVE Clothes

2. God Says LIVE and LET the dead bury the dead!

Module 8

You Are Bigger Than That Depression


2. Now Receive Ressurection Power And Begin to Live

Module 9

Listen to What God is saying to You.

In this particular time of spiritual meditation, I lead you into the presence of God. To remind you of who you are and how special you are to God. This meditation will heal your soul and bring tears of joy to your eyes. Listen and be blessed.

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