Veronica Anusionwu Shares With Us How It All Began

I was reading the book “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Dr. Vincent Norman Peale. When I came to page 192, this is what I read: “I sat at a table with nine other men, one of them a physician who had recently been discharged from military service and had resumed his civilian practice. He said, ‘Upon my return from the army, I noticed a change in my patients’ troubles. I found that a high percentage do not need medicine but better thought patterns. They are not sick in their bodies as much as they are sick in their thoughts and emotions. They are all mixed up with fear thoughts, inferiority feelings, guilt, and resentment. I found that in treating them I needed to be as much a psychiatrist as a physician, and then I discovered that not even those therapies helped me fully to do my job. I became aware that in many cases the basic trouble with people was spiritual. So I found myself frequently quoting the Bible to them. Then I fell into the habit of ‘prescribing religious and inspirational books, especially those that give guidance on how to live.’ Directing his statement to me, he said: ‘It’s about time you ministers began to realize that in the healing of many people you, too, have a function to perform. Of course, you are not going to overlap with the work of the physician any more than we shall intrude on your function, but we doctors need the cooperation of ministers in helping people find health and well-being.'”

I said, “Yes, Lord, why is there no book like the medical dictionary written from the Bible were a physician can look for a spiritual solution when the sickness has no medical cure?” Then the Lord said me, “Veronica, you write this book.” I answered back, “Lord, I am not a doctor or a writer!” He then replied, “Yes, you are.”

This was how I started writing in 1994. To this day I have continued to write. The Lord has enabled me to be a blessing to so many people, and I know your life will not be the same after you have come in contact with our ministry.

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