I was introduced to Pastor Veronica by one of her ministry team, at a very trying time in my life. I had just lost a baby and my fallopian tubes taken away also. When Funke told me about pastor I want to see her and she encouraged me and told me to trust God completely. I got some of the books and the anointed oil. When i started reading “woman you are not infertile “I could not drop it. I was amazed at Gods love and goodness through this book.
I attended the faith clinic that month and it was at that meeting that God met me.

It was Pastor Veronicas birthday and we were all praying for her. As we prayed the power of God fell on Pastor and the anointing was so heavy. Pastor called every woman to come and join her and we surrounded her and began to pray with her. As she reached out she held my hand I just knew I will be pregnant. And that’s exactly how it happened. By the end of the following month I was pregnant.

I am expecting a baby boy in December 2013. What a mighty God we serve. The books and the faith clinic messages are good.
Get then and use them. God is indeed using Pastor Veronica to change the destiny of woman looking for the fruit of the womb.
God also used Pastors book, By faith I receive my God Given job to give my husband a job.

Mummy we love you and say thank you! You are a true mother in Israel. Accept our love and thanksgiving seed in Jesus name.
Mrs Ify Olatunji

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