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Elizabeth writes: Subject: testimony

Praise the LORD
My name is Elizabeth. I got information about the book “Winning In Life Through The anointing oil” through a television program. I bought the book and I got anointing oil through the mail from Pastor Veronica.

I prayed according to that book. I got pregnant in September 2008. Baby is due on June 2009. I am so happy now.

I got pregnant after two years of married life. THANK YOU LORD. I give thanks to you to Veronica for this beautiful book. I bought another book BLISSFUL PREGNANCY AND PAIN-FREE BIRTH.

It is helping me now to enjoy my pregnancy. If you are pregnant please buy this book. It will really help you. Thank you very much, Pastor Veronica. Elizabeth

Collection of Ten Books Help Women Triumph Over Infertility – Becoming Pregnant Using God’s Word

From Bible-based Healing and Fertility Coach speciality, Veronica Anusionwu, the ten volumes in the ‘Help For Infertility’ collection use God-inspired wisdom and guidance to help any woman achieve her dream of starting a family. Millions of women are frustrated, overwhelmed and have lost hope through their apparent struggles to conceive but, through God’s word, Anusionwu is proving that things can change…for anyone.

Secret To A Blissful Pregnancy And Painfree Child-birth

Secrets to a blissful pregnancy and pain free childbirth In this refreshing new book you will find everything you need for a blissful pregnancy and pain-free childbirth. Learn how you can have a problem-free pregnancy, having the most wonderful time of your life and bringing forth your baby without long hours of labour pain and […]

After six months of coaching from Veronica I am pregnant

After six months of coaching from Veronica I am pregnant Hello  Veronica, it is Ruth. I just wanted to testify because God has answered my prayers.I contacted Veronica 6 months after I had a miscarriage, also doctors told me I had polycystic ovaries syndrome.  I called her and ordered a few of her books and signed […]