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20 years of Infertility destroyed by God’s Word contained in the Overcoming Infertility Collection books by Veronica Anusionwu

Dear Pastor Veronica, The Lord has done it with a wild smile and never changing Love. My brother, Ozoemena's wife, Antonia, has had a baby boy after almost 20 years of marriage. The news just came now. "May God's name be praised for ever more." Pastor Vero you gave the family the truth and God [...]

I conceived a child through prayer using God’s word from Veronica Anusionwu

Susan shares her testimony at the Lords Word On Healing faith clinic! How she conceived a child through prayer using God's word from Veronica Anusionwu. " Veronica guided and helped me beat infertility after I signed up and worked with her for over a year. She recommended prayer materials and put plans in place for [...]