Collection of Ten Books Help Women Triumph Over Infertility – Becoming Pregnant Using God’s Word

From Bible-based Healing and Fertility Coach speciality, Veronica Anusionwu, the ten volumes in the ‘Help For Infertility’ collection use God-inspired wisdom and guidance to help any woman achieve her dream of starting a family. Millions of women are frustrated, overwhelmed and have lost hope through their apparent struggles to conceive but, through God’s word, Anusionwu is proving that things can change…for anyone.

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United Kingdom – Veronica Anusionwu will never forget the day she sat down with a forty-five-year-old woman who was disabled by sadness at her infertility. They prayed together and, through divine intervention, her neighbour found herself pregnant just a few weeks later. It was seeing her pain turn to joy that inspired Anusionwu to become a fertility coach speciality.

And now, sharing God’s word with women around the world, Anusionwu is delighted to announce the launch of her ten-volume ‘Help For Infertility’ book collection.

Tackling miscarriage, infertility and the faith-quashing emotions they breed, the series of books use God-inspired affirmations, prayers and testimonies to help any woman conceive and give birth to her miracle baby.

“These books were specifically written for those having trouble to either conceive or maintain a pregnancy,” explains the author. “It can be one of the most frustrating and faith-testing parts of any adult’s life, and the discouragement can be debilitating. The good news is that God has a child in everyone’s plan, and through my books, any woman or couple can realise that miracle.”

Continuing, “The ten books cover a wide range of topics, written from over two decades of my own experiences helping women open up their spirits and wombs to love the children they didn’t think they’d ever be gifted with. There’s no need to give up, you’re not too old and your baby is waiting to be born and receive your love.”

The ten books cover a wide range of topics. For example, the latest edition titled ‘God Has Not Forgotten You!’ is written specifically for women who struggle to cope with events such as Mother’s Day, with a bold reminder that a child firmly remains in their life plan. It’s no surprise that hundreds have testified to their own success working with Anusionwu.

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About the Author:

Veronica is a Bible-based Healing and Fertility Coach speciality, anointed by God to help women overcome infertility. She is an accomplished and International bestseller author with over 20 books, ten of which are on infertility and miscarriage. Her books Woman You Are Not Infertile and Who Said You Are Too Old To Conceive? Have enabled hundreds of women to crush infertility. Veronica has a track record of helping women become pregnant through God’s Word, with testimonies from women from every part of the world. She has coached many couples to beat impossible situations in their lives and squash barrenness and sickness.

The vast majority of women and couples she coached are happy mothers and parents today.

See some of her amazing testimonies at

One thought on “Collection of Ten Books Help Women Triumph Over Infertility – Becoming Pregnant Using God’s Word

  1. Pretti says:

    I have a baby boy after 7 years of infertility!

    By the mercy of God, I felt pregnant after seven years of marriage and diagnosed with infertile by doctors due to cysts, fibroid, polyp, low weight, being over 35.

    I had low lying placenta, and my baby was in breech position. The doctor told me each time I have to be careful due to complications. I want to say to you I kept reading these two books, believed & tried my best to do what is written in them.

    God has blessed me with my 1st child a son whom I asked for on 30th Nov 2017 by caesarean 2 weeks early. I want to say that each time I prayed using the books God answered and took care of my son and me.

    God gave me a reason, purpose and joy in life to live, took away infertility. I celebrated my 1st Mothers Day this May thanks to the good Lord my saviour and of course my sister Pastor Veronica.

    I continue to read this book and pray in my language. With all the trust and faith both my husband and I pray for our 1st son’s safety, good health, life, peace, harmony and prosperity daily. We also are now already praying for another son Pastor Veronica. Both the Lord and you had answered my prayers. You had filled my life with joy and made me a mother when doors seemed closed. You are the real child of the Lord.

    I pray for you, your family and everyone wishing to be pregnant to trust God, his word, pray and seek your assistance. I know that with all the trust and faith I will be pregnant with another son soon because my God is good. Praise the Lord.

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