Emergency Consultation And Support 3 Months

Emergency Consultation 3 Months £3500.00

 Have you been given a negative report?

 Are you facing an emergency situation right now and need someone to stand with you?

Perhaps you are facing a great challenge in life, and your confidence level in God’s Word is weak. When you are weak, it is easy for unbelief or distrust concerning the promises of God to set in.

 Have you tried all you know to do in the physical and nothing has worked?

I know you may be crying out for help and feel that no one can help you. Over the years, I have had to stand with people who were going through emergency situations and helped them pull through.

Whatever the emergency, I will be happy to assist you through this time in whatever way I can. I know all too well that all power belongs to God. But many times in our lives, we need someone to help us pull down this power. The Bible says that one will chase a thousand and two will chase ten thousand.

The power of God is always multiplied when we stand in agreement.

Because every situation is different – it could be ill health where you have done all you know to do and need someone to stand with you spiritually, or it could be a situation that has failed to yield any outcome. If you need that extra strength to fight the good fight of faith, then this package is right for you. Book your assessment today, and let’s have a conversation so that I can determine the best and fastest course of action, so you get the results and attention you need now. Let’s work together to heal your situation.

  • 3 months £3500
  • Special prayer pack
  • Prayer with the prayer team
  • Three- weekly calls for three months from Veronica or any member of the ministry team.
  • Special blessed anointing oil from Veronica and the anointing oil book.
  • Robust faith and healing messages on a USB drive to help release the power of God quickly into your situation.

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Emergency Consultation 3 Months £3500.00 Installment Payment Plan

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