40 Life -Transforming Messages From The Faith Clinic

Dear friend, the faith clinic messages are Divine messages God has sent into the world through Bishop Veronica Anusionwu over 20 years. These messages are anointed by God and can change your life within hours as you listen to them.

You will find God’s Promises for your every need in the messages of the Faith Clinic.

Discover for yourself what so many people have found in these Faith Clinic messages. So many have received amazing testimonies and found inner peace through them.

“I have compiled these excellent resources to help you receive God’s blessings in your life. The messages of the Faith Clinic have transformed the lives of so many people, and I believe they will do the same for you”.
I encourage you to get these messages as a special gift for yourself and even for your family and friends. You will be glad you did!



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50 Faith Clinic messages By Bishop Veronica Anusionwu 

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