20 Faith Clinic Messages On USB Flash Drive!

God’s Promises For Your Every Need
Discover for yourself what so many people have found in the Faith Clinic messages. God’s Promises for your every need as shared in the messages of the Faith Clinic. Many have received amazing testimonies and found inner peace through these messages. I have compiled these wonderful resources to help you receive God’s blessings into your life. The messages of the Faith Clinic have transformed the lives of so many people and I believe they will do the same for you.

I encourage you to get these messages as a special gift for yourself and even for your family and friends. You will be glad you did!


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Messages on the Flash Disk:

Ten 2015 Faith Clinic Messages.

Ten Selected messages from Pastor Veronica
Selected especially to meet your need.

 (Message Titles)
1. I am Because God Said So! – Faith Clinic January 2015
2. God is One with His Word! Faith Clinic February 2015
3. How to dwell in the Word to get results: Faith Clinic March 2015
4. What God said is SO For God Cannot Lie! Faith Clinic April 2015
5. That Which Is not In the Will Of God For His people Will never Be my Portion! Faith Clinic May 2015
6. This is what the Lord Almighty Says- Faith Clinic June 2015
7. If It Cannot Happen To God, It cannot Happen to ME! Faith Clinic July 2015.
8. The prayer is the answer! Faith Clinic September 2015
9. Agree with God through His word – Faith Clinic October 2015
10. Thank you, God, For Your Healing Light!
11. Your Life is shaped By your thoughts!
12. Holy Spirit Is The Key To Conception!
13. The Holy Spirit Will Quicken your Womb!
14. The Holy Spirit Has guaranteed Our Inheritance
15. It is Time To Sing A New Song To The Lord!
16. Now Is The Acceptable Time!
17. Thank You God, I now Receive My Miracle!
18. After You Pray-You Must Receive!
19. All God’s Promises are Yes and Amen!
20. God Values You!