After six years of marriage and infertility imagine my joy, when, I saw Veronica on the TV sharing her miracle books and testimonies. I immediately called her, and the following morning I was in her office. I told her my plight and asked her to agree with me for God to take infertility from my life. She introduced me to her coaching packages, and I signed up immediately to work with her. I am so happy that I signed up to work with her like two months into my pregnancy there was an emergency.
Veronica worked with me as was me till I put to bed a healthy baby. Veronica Anusionwu is a gift to the world. God’s word is powerful and mighty, and if you do not meet the right person to help you in the time of need, you may suffer and lose out in life, not knowing how to use Gods word. But by the wisdom God gave her, she taught me how to use Gods word, and I overcome what would have been a significant loss in my family life. Please if you are having any challenges in this area, talk to her, buy her packages and do whatever she tells you. It will work for you as it did for me. Mrs. V Jimson