Due to an ectopic pregnancy my fallopian tube was removed. I bought Veronica Anusionwu books, that talked of healing through the anointing oil and woman you are not infertile. As I read the book and started to practice using the anointing oil, the Lord showed up mightily for me.

The doctors had written me off, and my heart hurt so much, four months later I began to feel sick, and went to see the doctor, who suggested a pregnancy test. I thank God because the pregnancy test was positive. What the doctors said was impossible, became possible with God. Look at my miracle baby now.

The books of Veronica Anusionwu are anointed by God. I encourage anyone facing challenges in their life, to hold on to the word of the Lord in these books. The battle truly is not ours, but his. We must fight the battle clearly and wisely and follow clear directions. The books will direct you. HE IS WORTHY, I thank Him. Maureen Eje