After my second baby I soon realized I was having problems conceiving again. I desired another child and after years of trying I knew something was wrong.

I turned to God for help. Based upon his word in Deuteronomy 7:13, that he will bless me and multiply me and bless the fruit of my womb. And that none will be barren among his people. I started praying in faith and putting God in remembrance of his word. Within a few months I conceived.

I know Gods word works. If you put your faith in it and trust Gods word it will work for you. God loves to bless his people. Veronica, thank you for the great work you are doing. God is using you to wipe away tears in the eyes of many hopeless couples with the work you are doing.

I am blessed by your ministry. I am a happy mother of children. God will truly use you to do more for his people. Dorah

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