This is Veros Daughter Renee holding her cousin

This is the picture of my daughter; she is a big girl now. The Lord blessed me with this child in his mighty power. I first saw Pastor Veronica on the TV sharing about her work and the entire things the Lord was doing in her ministry. I called her and went to visit her and bought some of her books. I also sowed seeds of faith into her work. Within weeks I became pregnant. I had been praying for about five years thinking God was not hearing me, not knowing I was just praying in ignorance of the promises of God.
When I want for my 1st scan I was told the baby was not growing and I needed to terminate the pregnancy. I called Pastor Veronica and told her everything the doctor said. In her usual way, she said to me, “do not agree to terminate- your baby is fine. Well I went straight to her again and she prayed for me and put a prayer plan in action. Every day, she called me and prayed with me and spoke the promises of God into my baby’s life. As you can see my baby was born healthy. God’s word did it for me.
Pastor Veronica Anusionwu, thank you for just being there and being a true child of God. This woman of God is real. Help her in her work. Support her and listen to what she tells you. My husband and I love you beyond words and we thank you in Jesus name. Mrs Veronica Odige

This is Veronica

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