You Can Win In Life Through The Anointing Oil”


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The anointing oil is one of the weapons of deliverance and victory provided for us by God. The anointing oil is a powerful tool for ministering healing to the world.

While studying the Bible for the writing of this book I discovered that God uses the anointing oil as a ministry tool. The Bible says in Psalm 45:7 “Therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy.” God anoints with the oil of joy, the oil of gladness, the oil of lifted spirit. This oil is spiritually applied by God to comfort us in difficult situations.

The anointing oil is a powerful tool for ministering healing to the world; it is one of the weapons of deliverance and victory provided for us by God in the Bible.

Since I discovered the anointing oil, my life has become one happy event after another. I first heard of the anointing oil through a friend who drove my cousin to Slough in London to move her luggage to a new house. On getting there she found out that her keys were not with her. She quickly moved into action. She took out her anointing oil and anointed the door, she commanded the door to open in Jesus name. She did it three times and on the third time she pushed the door and it opened. This friend confided in me that he then knew this lady was serving a living God.

When I heard this, I determined to study the Bible on the subject of the anointing oil, and I asked the Holy Spirit to teach me more from his Word about this subject. As light started to come to me from God on the anointing oil, I made sure I had the anointing oil all over my home. I also got some from the church, which I mixed, in a big bottle that I bought.

The very first time the Lord sent me out to start ministering to the sick, he told me “put your anointing oil in your bag” I obeyed. As soon as I stepped out of my house a lady was pushing her little daughter in the pram. The little girl just reached out for my dress. She held on to my dress and then I stooped to say hello to her.

When I looked at her, all her skin was full of blisters. I got up and looked at her mum and asked her what was wrong with the baby. She told me that the baby had Eczema, but the doctors could do nothing, all medical attempts to cure the eczema had failed and the baby cried all night before sleeping. I asked her if I could pray for the baby, she said “Yes! Yes! Please”.

I prayed over that baby, then I heard the Lord say to me, “give her the bottle of anointing oil in your bag” I took the anointing oil out of my handbag and gave it to her and she asked me what it was, I explained to her about the anointing oil and I drank a little of it to show her it was not harmful. I taught her how to use it. I asked her if she would use it and she said, “yes she would”. I left her and continued on my way.

This was to be the beginning of a road ministry where, repeatedly, I will have to give away bottles of the anointing oil as the Holy Spirit led me. It is indeed true that the Lord will not send us out without the anointing oil, like the disciples he will always desire for us to carry the anointing oil with us as we set out into the world to minister healing to the sick –Mark 6:13.

A good report

As I continued this roadside ministry, one day in church seated next to me was a little boy and his mum and this boy had a very bad skin disease. I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “pray for him after the service and give the mother the anointing oil in your bag”. After the service, I told the mum what the Lord told me to do. She was happy for me to pray for her son and I gave her the anointing oil in my bag as the Holy Spirit had instructed me. I told her to mix it with the son’s body cream. After some months, I sat again in church next to them and this time her son’s skin was perfect. The Lord had totally healed him.

This was the beginning of my use of the anointing oil, soon it became a part of me, a lot of my friends saw how I was using the anointing oil and the testimony that was coming from me and they also started using it. The anointing oil works, there is no sickness or situation too hard for the anointing oil, the anointing oil paves the way in any given situation for the Holy Spirit to come in and do great works.

I want to leave you with this statement “the taste of the pudding is in the eating,” until you taste for yourself you may not really appreciate the sweetness of the anointing oil. Don’t wait a moment longer get your anointing oil and use it today, it works. The bible says “taste and see that the Lord is good” the anointing oil is just another of his countless goodness, that he has given to mankind. Take it by faith and use it, why not? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. God bless you as you read.

The anointing oil is a sure prescription

If anyone is sick, he or she should call on the elders of the church to pray over him or her and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord. The prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well. The Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned he will be forgiven James 5:13-15.

The anointing oil is the safest and most powerful prescription in the world today. What is a prescription? It is the action of laying down authoritative rules or direction. A written direction or order for the preparation and use of a medicine. Medicine prescribed. It is the raw power of God in bottled oil. It is a prescription from Almighty God according to Ezra 7:22-23“—A hundred baths of olive oil…Without limit, Whatever the God of heaven has prescribed, let it be done with diligence. Here we note that God prescribed the anointing oil. The anointing oil will penetrate through any stronghold and bring it down.
The anointing oil will deal with any deep hurt in your heart. If you feel like, emotionally, you are about to fall apart, the anointing oil of His power used in faith is able to bring peace into your life. Do you have a physical illness, condition, or affliction? Have you tried to lose weight or break your self-loose from a controlling habit? Are you seeking to be fruitful like so many women of the Bible, such as Sarah and Hannah? Do you need to overcome some internal defect stopping you from welcoming the fruit of your loom, like Ruth? The anointing oil used in faith of God’s power is able to help you, to enable you.The Bible tells us that the anointing oil will destroy the yoke.

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The anointing oil has no side effect; you can never use too little or too much of it. You cannot separate the anointing oil of God and the Holy Spirit. The anointing oil simply means “the power of God in bottled oil”. It is a ministry tool used by the Spirit of God to destroy yokes.

The anointing oil is not a magic wand

The anointing oil is not a magic wand,however, that you can just fling around without thought or prayer. The anointing oil will work in all situations when used in faith in conjunction with the word of God concerning that situation.

Avoid deception

Many people love a free ride, they will say, “Oh! If it is just to rub the oil and drink it that’s cool man!”- Avoid that deception even as the anointing oil is used, the word of God must also be faithfully meditated upon, confessed and believed. Together these prescriptions are unstoppable. Do not let laziness rob you of God’s best for your life. Your words matter, what you are confessing brings victory or defeat into the situation you are facing.

When God gave Moses the recipe for the anointing oil; the oil was to be used “to anoint the priests, their garments, and the holy things in the temple” the anointing oil was to signify the separation of these anointed things for the service of God. In the new covenant we are special and separated for his glory. We are vessels of honour kept and sanctified for the master’s use. It is our priestly duty to use the anointing oil to mark out all that belongs to us as God’s personal property.

Testimonies about the anointing oil


1. “I had been trying to conceive for twelve years without success. I finally got to hear the good news that Mrs. Anusionwu was writing a book to help people conceive. I got in touch with her and she gave me a prayer and anointing oil and details of what to do. I accepted these prayers and oil and started using it immediately. After four weeks I was pregnant for the first time in my life. I was over the moon, then after eight weeks I lost the baby, I cried and cried then I got up and took out the prayer and started all over again. After four weeks I fell pregnant again. This was a miracle to me. I got in touch with Mrs. Anusionwu and asked her what I could do to protect my baby. She told me to cover the baby in the blood of Jesus and to declare every day “there shall be no loss”. This I did faithfully every day and this time there was no loss. The baby was born healthy after nine months. A beautiful baby boy. I really recommend the prayer that is in the book “Woman You Are Not Infertile” by Veronica Anusionwu to anyone who has been trying to conceive for many years without result. Today I thank God for my baby and for taking away shame from my life”. (Mrs CCE Nigeria)

2. “My daughter had a very strange thing happening to her. Whenever we went out of the house and the air outside touched her, her body will break out in boils and blisters. I quickly took her to the doctor and he told me she was reacting to the environment and there was nothing he could do. When I got home I opened Isaiah 53:6 where God said, “ Christ has paid the price for our sickness“ I received her healing for her with thanksgiving. Guess what happened. Everything stopped. The power of God cannot fail”. (Mrs VA London)

3.” A friend bought a copy of Veronica Anusionwu’s book “Who Said You Are Too Old To Conceive?” and gave it to me saying “it is your turn next”. After I read the book I wrote Veronica and told her about my situation. We made an appointment and we met. We prayed together that God would bless me with children. A few days later my marriage was almost destroyed by another woman. But I give glory to God for the ministry of Veronica Anusionwu. She told me to come to her and she will teach me how to war to save my marriage based on what the Lord has taught her. I went and we planned and we prayed as the Lord lead us. She told me to anoint his picture everyday with the anointing oil and call him to come back home. For the next six months I followed this prayer plan and finally the Lord did it. He restored my marriage and brought my husband back a changed man and a man after God’s heart. Eight months after I first met with Veronica I am pregnant. God has used her ministry to give me a double miracle. To God be the Glory for the great things he has done and may his anointing continue to increase on Veronica Anusionwu”. (Mrs AE London)

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