Hold On To Veronica 1 Year

“The HOLD ON TO VERONICA” (1 Year £9995.00) package comprises the following:

 You will get an individualized prayer and healing plan prepared especially for you based on your assessment phone call information and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
 You will get individualized handwritten prayers by Veronica Anusionwu. These prayers alone are priceless as they always produce amazing results as many have testified.
 You will get to agree with Veronica Anusionwu in prayer based on the power of agreement in Matthew 18:18.
 You will get 4 monthly calls of 30 minutes each from Veronica. She will pray with you and check up on your progress so far.
 You will receive twenty (20) special Faith Clinic messages specially chosen for you, prayerfully, by Veronica Anusionwu, on an MP3 Player to help you build faith quickly.
 You will get a bottle of 100ml anointing oil and a special signed copy of the anointing oil book by Veronica Anusionwu.
 You will get a fresh blessed healing anointing oil shipped to you every two months. A word of encouragement will be sent to you once every week.


Intensive Day Pack 5 Hours  VALUE £2500.00

Spend a one-on-one day with Veronica Anusionwu at the LWH Healing Centre in London or via Skype

This pack is worth  £2500.00

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Hold On To Veronica 1 Year Installment Payment Plan

4 Monthly Installment Plan