I had my first daughter immediately after my wedding in 2007. I started planning for the second child immediately I had gone back to work in order to have them close together. I tried for 6 months, nothing happened and then 18months nothing seems to happen. I started to get worried, so I sought medical intervention. My G.P ran all the necessary tests and could not find anything wrong with me. I find the whole process very frustrating because anything I wanted through prayer, fasting and sowing seed, God answers me. However, in this case it was not happening so fear and doubt begin to fill my mind. I was losing hope that I might not have more children. I was then referred to fertility clinic where they claimed that they found one the tubes not patent. I was recommended to start iui treatment which failed. We then decided to try Ivf which was my only hope. So I rushed into it which also failed. My whole world fell apart and I was beginning to believe that my hope of having more children had gone after almost 3 years of trying. After 5 months of ivf, I spoke to a sister about what I was going through. How everyone was asking when am I having another child and how frustrating it was for me having to deal with. She prayed with me and introduced me to pastor Vero. I did not hesitate in calling her and I explained my journey to her. She recommended that I get the book who said you are too old to conceive and she prayed for me. I read and followed the book with faith. Praise God I am now a mother of two!!!!. Pastor Vero I pray that God will continue to use you mightily in Jesus name Amen. Nketchi

Picture: Nketchi and Pastor Veronica And new baby

Pastor Veronica Anusionwu holding the new baby! Another Special Faith Clinic Baby! All glory to our GOD!

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