Thanks To Veronica Anusionwu and her beautiful books “Who Said You Are Too Old To Conceive? And “Woman, You Are Not Infertile” – I am pregnant. My husband and I endured years of infertility treatments, disappointment and heartache. When doctors gave up on us, I was devastated. I came across Veronica’s book and felt that she wrote it just for me. She understands a woman’s primal desire for a child. Her words and scripture passages filled me with confidence in The Lords’ plan us and with confidence in the abilities in the body that God gave me. Veronica says that the Lord loves us and we don’t have to do anything to become pregnant other than put our faith in Him. This came as a great relief as I had tried EVERYTHING, from aggressive fertility treatments & acupuncture to dramatic diet and lifestyle changes which left me feeling lethargic and depressed and constantly reminded me that I was “infertile.” Veronica tells us that the Lord can’t wait to bless us with children if only we will open our hearts to him. I began to recite some of the prayers and WAS ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED TO DISCOVER I WAS PREGNANT WEEKS LATER! Truly, I have not had my monthly cycle since picking up Veronica’s book. Read Veronica’s book, BELIEVE in her words and BE BLESSED! IT WILL HAPPEN! Ellen (USA)

This is Ellen’s baby