How-to Walk-in God’s LIGHT for Your Breakthrough


Author’s Preface

How-to Walk-in God’s LIGHT for Your Breakthrough

The secret of life is in the Light. Before God could create anything, He called for Light. He said, “Let there be light “This was the first thing He created. Why? Because within the Light is vast knowledge yet unknown to man. Light is all there is; it is all we must deal with. Within the Light is the answer to all these unanswered questions, which man has not yet solved. When you have Light in any situation, your progress is fast and easy. Light illuminates and dispels darkness.
Years ago, God told me, when you pray for people, pray for Light. That is all they need. If they find the Light, they will find their answer.
Have you found yourself in the desert place of life? A desolate, uninhabited, uncultivated and barren place with little or no water. Then Light is all you need.
The revelation of the power of Light contained in this book, “How-to Walk-in God’s LIGHT for Your Breakthrough” will teach you how to speak Light into every area of your life for life-transforming breakthroughs.

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