God’s Help Is At Hand For That Abusive Marriage


Author’s Preface

Marriage was ordained by God and He gives you the grace to minister to your spouse, with His love. He did not create abuse when He ordained marriage. A good marriage is built on the solid rock of Jesus and God expects both parties to operate under the God-kind of love, called Agape love. This is unconditional love with no strings attached. In order to make your marriage work, it is advisable that both parties are not angry at once. When you make a mistake, talk about it and ask for forgiveness. Since God thought about the whole idea of marriage, ask Him for help in everything. As God’s Word is the most powerful weapon on the planet, I encourage you to use it in all your situations, including your marriage, for His glory. Let the peace of God reign in your heart and in your marriage; and lean on Him heavily for your miracles and breakthrough.
Abuse is not the answer to resolving any issues in a marriage. As you read this book, you will learn about God’s help, through HIS Word. God does not condone oppression or abuse in any form. He expects both of you to live in peace and enjoy each others’ company, for His glory. Never meet without an affectionate greeting and never go to bed angry. I encourage you to make every effort to glorify God in your marriage and He will be proud of you always. Disallow abuse, in any form or shape, to take hold of your marriage. Use God’s potent Word to combat abuse so that you can enjoy your marriage, to the glory of God. As you read this book, tap into God’s help through His Word and abuse will no longer reign in your marriage, in Jesus’ most precious name, Amen.

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