No Harm, No Plague, No Virus Will Befall You


In No Harm, No Plague, No Virus Will Befall You, Pastor Veronica Anusionwu brings you the promises of Divine protection from the Word of God.
God Says, “Do Not Fear.” Why? Because He has already made a way of escape for you.

Ever before any plague ever hits the world, God has provided a way of escape for his people. And for those who put their trust in His Word.
In, No Harm, No Plague, No Virus Will Befall You (LWH Healing Publications). You will find promises of Divine protection that will reassure you of the love God has for you.

This short book offers several healing affirmations from the Bible that are particularly attuned to Divine protection, including from coronavirus. This is a book that anyone, including children and the aged, can use. The book comes with special positive affirmations for your Divine protection to help you shield yourself and your family at this time.
It also gives you specific prayers for:

• Those who are ill with any virus
•Those who are fearful
• Anyone worried about catching any virus.
• Those caring for and treating the sick.
• The doctors and the medical research teams to find a vaccine.

Learn how to protect yourself and your family using the positive healing affirmation from God’s word, in No Harm, No Plague, No Virus Will Befall You.

God wants you well, and I want you well too. Please keep safe and remain steadfast in God’s Word and His goodness. For nothing shall by any means hurt you.

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