Thank You Jesus ROSARY


The “Thank You Jesus Rosary” is a powerful spiritual tool that will bring you blessings beyond what you can imagine. There is multiplying and expanding power in our thanksgiving and the Thank You Jesus rosary can turn your life around completely by giving you the means to make thanksgiving a priority.

We often think that we need to “earn” God’s blessing but we do not. God has already blessed us. The only thing He asks for is our praise. All we owe the Lord is praise. Often, all we think about is how to solve problems we cannot solve on our own. God will solve every problem if you put your problems in His hands and focus on thanking Him for taking care of it, for He says, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you 1st Peter 5:7”.

All the Lord wants to hear in return for His goodness in your life is that you love Him and appreciate Him.

I became even more aware of the power of praise one day when I was speaking to my 97-year-old aunt, who is still in excellent health, lives on her own and does everything for herself. I asked her to reveal to me the secret to her long life and stupendous vitality, and she said to me: “My secret is very simple. I live daily with one thought on my lips and in my heart,” “Thank you Jesus.

I was stunned at the apparent simplicity, and yet the depth of this attitude towards our Lord and I decided to take this up in my own life and for the rest of my life. And in my July 2014 Faith Clinic, I shared the following with those who were in the faith clinic.

God gave us an assignment

While I was preaching the message, God gave us an assignment that those who will give Him “1000 Thank You, Jesus,” a day for the next 40 days will experience a great testimony.

I want you to join us to make thanksgiving a very important part of your spiritual life for the next 40 days and then for the rest of your life.

Veronica Anusionwu shows you how to use the “Thank You Jesus ROSARY.


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