Total Obedience Leads To Success And Victory In Life


Author’s Preface
This book will teach you how to obey God fully, always, and not sometimes, as He expects all or nothing from us. In our spiritual walk with God, He expects us to obey Him fully, to the letter. He is not interested in half or partial obedience as this is equal to full disobedience and it is annoying to the Almighty. You will be a winner always, if you obey God all the time and not just sometimes. You will enjoy the peace of God when you obey Him. Total obedience attracts lots of blessings, divine favour, protection and direction. When you love God and believe in Him 100%, you will obey Him fully. The wisdom of God is far better than the wisdom of men; as the latter is like foolishness in the eyes of God.
Our God never makes mistakes as He knows what He is doing all the time. HE is the MASTER PLANNER and nothing will ever go wrong under HIS instructions. Partial obedience is equal to total disobedience and this stinks in the nostrils of God. You must be prepared to respond obediently to God’s will for your life, as revealed in the scriptures. Your availability and obedience are very important if you want to do God’s will in God’s way, and not your own way. You must be ready to move from the familiar to the unfamiliar, at the moment God tells you to move. Child of God, I encourage you to obey HIM fully and look up to HIM as your Best Friend. You will never regret it and you will have success and victory.

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