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Secrets to a blissful pregnancy and pain free childbirth

In this refreshing new book you will find everything you need for a blissful pregnancy and pain-free childbirth.

  • Learn how you can have a problem-free pregnancy, having the most wonderful time of your life and bringing forth your baby without long hours of labour pain and painful contractions.

  • You will also learn how to be spiritually, mentally and physically fit and blissfully comfortable throughout your pregnancy

  • You will discover that can be very soft. Very supple. Very sensuous. Very warm, in your pregnancy

  • God wants you to know that delivering a child is ordained to be: Easy, Pain-free, Without hassles, Without problems

  • Brighten your day by relaxing in total comfort and get cosy with the exciting biblical confession at the back of this book. Why not? It is your time to shine in your pregnancy. Blissful pregnancy and pain-free childbirth is your heritage from the Lord.

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