Help Her Get Pregnant! (100,000) Women will get their babies Through healing and prayer

Help Her Get Pregnant! (100,000) Women will get their babies Through healing and prayer

Bishop Veronica Anusionwu has been preaching and sharing God’s word for many years. Called by God to write and teach His Word at a very early age, she started the faith clinic in faith. Without preaching, the Lord anointed her with His power to teach His Word and heal many. Veronica has dedicated the last 25 years to helping families to heal and conceive through healing and prayers. The help her get pregnant project is her biggest challenge yet. This year she is stretching her faith a step further to help more women build their faith to receive from God.

ABOUT Help Her Get Pregnant Project| Help 100,000 Women Get Pregnant! Project Backed by the Holy Spirit.

Get Her Pregnant Project! Helping 100,000 women become pregnant is our goal! It is the Holy Spirit who backs this work.

Providing healing and prayer for 100,000 women to become pregnant! The Holy Spirit instructed me to do this – and God is ready to bless you. How you have struggled with fertility doesn’t matter, God is ready to bless you.

It is an enormous undertaking. It is my faith in a BIG God that keeps me strong. As someone who has worked with the Lord for almost 30 years, I know when the Lord is ready for something BIG.

There will be results in due course. Three months passed before I could say YES to the Lord to do this- in my discussion with Him, I argued. I considered ten thousand women a good number. A hundred thousand women seemed like a large number. He said, “You have killed lions and bears; I have trained you.” Now take on Goliath as David did in 1 Samuel 17. You have my full support. I will assist you as you progress.

Therefore, I am now embarking on the mission He has given me. We can accomplish remarkable things as a ministry. The work is well proven with some of the most powerful testimonies of crushing infertility in the world today.

Taking steps of faith in the direction of this call results from the call and equipping of Christ Jesus. It is my sole desire to fulfil God’s will and nothing else. To accomplish God’s plan, we need the support of our family and friends. Please join us in this great mission for Christ. Let them know if you know someone who could benefit from this ministry. Thank you very much for your encouragement. My sincere appreciation goes out to you for your continued support.


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