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Veronica Anusionwu

Veronica Has been preaching and sharing Gods word for over 22 years. Called by God to write and teach His Word at a very early age. She started the faith clinic in faith. Without ever having preached the Lord anointed her with His power to teach His Word and bring healing to many.

Veronica Anusionwu is an international and world-renowned speaker. She has spoken at many churches and events across many nations of the world.

She hosts a monthly Faith Clinic that she leads at her Healing Centre in London. The faith clinic messages come with such powerful and life-changing anointing of the Lord and have impacted many lives. Hundreds of babies have been born through her teaching ministry to couples who were deemed infertile.

Her unique unction and utterance have endeared her to the hearts of millions of people that have listened to her at her conferences and seminars around the world. She also offers numerous coaching services which have been a source of great blessing to many families.

TV Ministry:  Her weekly TV Programme, “Healing for Today,” is now showing every tuesday@5.30 PM and Thursdays @ 8.30 am on the Faith Channel 593.  The TV ministry is an authoritative and compelling source which she uses to share Gods word to millions of people every day.

Veronica Anusionwu is a remarkable woman of God, who, seventeen years ago, made up her mind that she would serve Jesus Christ and hold fast to the Word of God. She has never looked back but has continually pushed forward towards the goal that He has set for her. She is married to Chima Anusionwu and has two children, Sarah and Emmanuel. She is the founder of The Lord’s Word On Healing Ministries, which intends to inform everyone that God’s Word contains the solution to every sickness. She brings a medical background to sickness and then leads us… Read more

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