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Bishop Veronica Anusionwu has been preaching and sharing Gods word for many years. Called by God to write and teach His Word at a very early age, she started the faith clinic in faith. Without ever having preached the Lord anointed her with His power to teach His Word and bring healing to many. Veronica is a student of the Holy Spirit. The Lord indeed teaches her. Her knowledge of the Word of God and how to use is extraordinary.

Veronica is an international and world-renowned speaker a motivator, a fertility coach speciality, bestselling author and a respected Pastor and teacher of God’s Word. She has spoken at many churches and events across many nations of the world

She hosts a monthly Faith Clinic that she leads at her Healing Centre in London. The faith clinic messages come with such powerful and life-changing anointing of the Lord and have impacted many lives. Hundreds of babies have been born through her teaching ministry to couples who were deemed infertile. Many healings and testimonies of miracles follow her teaching of God’s Word.

Her unique unction and utterance have endeared her to the hearts of millions of people that have listened to her at her conferences and seminars around the world. She also offers numerous coaching services which have been a source of great blessing to many families.
Veronica has such an anointing of the Holy Spirit on her life and can bring healing to tough situations instantly. Her presence is electrifying, and her words are heavenly anointed to deliver instant results.

TV Ministry: Her weekly TV Programme, “Healing for Today,” is now showing every tuesday@5.30 PM and Thursdays @ 8.30 am on Faith Channel 593. The TV ministry is an authoritative and compelling source that she uses to share Gods word to millions of people across the nations of the world.

Book Veronica For Your Next Event

Veronica inspires her audiences to live lives filled with gratitude and hope. She leads them into the presence of God and enables them to connect with their Lord who loves them so much.

Her messages are anointed and filled with love and hope in a loving God who never fails.

Her no-excuses approach to life is so well received because of the way she has applied it to meet the significant challenges in her life using Gods word to beat many life challenges that have come her way.

Experiencing Veronica’s message as a church or couple, you will come out victorious with a fighting spirit to beat whatever confronts you.

Women who have been deemed infertile and lost hope of ever conceiving are happy parents today after sitting in Veronica’s meetings or signing up for her one on one coaching. A renewed strength is birth and faith to lay hold of what lies in the unseen is released. Many women have left her presence and gone on to become happy parents of babies.

Experiencing her message as an employee of a business, you will grow to be more grateful and appreciative of your job, your co-workers and your employer.

Veronica carries the presence and raw power of God. Your ministry or business will be much blessed to have her as a  keynote speaker.

Book Veronica for your next event

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