I was diagnosed with blocked fallopian tube and told to consider IVF if I wanted a child. Then I came across the book, Woman, You Are Not Infertile by Veronica Anusionwu. From the moment I started reading it I knew infertility was a thing of the past in my life. All the fears I had left me and the promises of God brought me faith and joy. I am so glad that I had so much faith in God’s word as written in Woman, You Are Not Infertile. Unknown to me I was pregnant when the hospital called me to say, they were now ready to flash my fallopian tubes. I spoke to my husband and he said I should go since we had been waiting for the appointment for a long time.

But I had faith in the book, Woman; You Are Not Infertile and knew if I could not get pregnant with the information in that book, no man alive could do it. I stood my faith and said NO to the appointment.

At the end of that month I discovered I was pregnant. Imagine if I had gone to flush my tubes? My baby would have been flashed away. Look at her and help me praise the Lord. God’s word has made me to become a happy mother of my own child. Thank you Lord. Amen!

Duduzle Ncube