Getting pregnant at a later age is already known to several of us as being harder than it was when we were younger. Often experts say that post 40 years old it is nearly impossible to get pregnant however several women still do. Whether its from using treatments or not, there are numerous pros to having a baby at a later age.

One of the biggest advantages is that you are now significantly mature and experienced. By this time, you are most likely financially responsible and in a better position to have a child. Typically you’ve had the time and the chance to start a career so you are more successful as well. It is also likely that you have a partner that you really know by now so the foundation for starting a family is there already.

Another good thing about having a child past 40 is that you are more educated to make better decisions when it comes to parenting. You are more experienced and probably have several family members who had children around you. This has been good practice for you to get ready for having your own children. Whether you helped in raising your niecces and nephews or have been around a close friend with children, you have had the chance to see a little bit of what being a parent feels like.

Studies show that older parents tend to be more patient and put less pressure on themselves when parenting their children. It’s because of this simple reason that older parents are a lot more understanding and we all know how important this is when it comes to raising children.

Jessica Miller, a family therapist in Phoenix, Arizona says that she believes that the optimum time to have children is during your late twenties and early thirties. Besides this information she also has observed a large amount of couples waiting to have children until later ages and she explains her understanding by stating “Parents that are 40 and older have a better focus on their kids because they have went through bunches of experiences. They aren’t as financially pressured and don’t want to party as much as younger parents.”

All of these facts are very important in raising a kid so you can see how having a child after 40 really isn’t as bad as what many people say. There are millions of ladies who have had children well into their 40s and have had no complications or problems whatsoever.

If you are a little discouraged about having a child in your 40s because of what you hear, don’t let that hold you back. With my very own e-book you can see results and have a baby after 40.

According to the CDC, at age 43 your chances of getting pregnant are about 2% which is far less than when you are 40 when the chances are around 40%. Miscarriage rates are higher after 40 as well so there are many risks when trying to get pregnant at a later age. Well this is what we are told anyways. My proven technique works very well and I have had several people read and follow my e-book with good results.

With my book, “Who Said You Are Too Old To Conceive!” you will see that despite what many doctors say, you can still get pregnant after the age of 40. There are many testimonies that you can read by clicking HERE.

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