Triumph Over Growths That Occur In The Womb

The fear of cancer and some of these growths have struck fear in the heart of millions of people all over the world, yet in the word of God the Bible is the
solution to all these growths.
The bible says the word of God cannot be bound.There is no boundary for the word of God in all-human activities. The word of God reigns supreme. The Word of God is a person and His name is Jesus Christ. He is able to go through every barrier with or without permission to accomplish His purpose because He cannot be bound. The Bible says , God’s word is not in chains.
The Word of God is settled, which means the word of God cannot be debated or argued with. The word of God is not subject to any human diagnosis or deliberation. The word of God cannot be mistaken or altered. The Word of God is not subject to X-ray or medical investigation. The Word of God is forever
settled, and is the final authority on any issue that affects those who trust in


Secondly, the Word of God in your Mouth is like fire. This is what God says “I will make my words in your mouth like a fire” Jeremiah 5:14.
God’s word in your mouth can become fire when it is needed to destroy every
ungodly thing that stands in your way.


Because God’s word in your mouth is fire it can be used in an illness where radiation treatment is needed or where something needs to be consumed by fire in the body. At no time does the word of God tell you to reject medical help but you can combine the word of God and medical treatment to achieve a successful result.

Thirdly, I want you to know that the Word of God is a Consuming Fire. The Bible says, “consuming fire came from his mouth. Burning coals blazed out of it (Psalm 18:8). In the mouth of our, God is consuming fire that comes forth to destroy every disease and sickness that torments His people.

Remember our words also carry fire that destroys all works of darkness fashioned against us. The Bible says “the enemies of the Lord shall be as the fat of lambs; they shall consume; into smoke, shall they consume away”, Psalm 37: 20.

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