Collection of Ten Books Help Women Triumph Over Infertility – Becoming Pregnant Using God’s Word

From Bible-based Healing and Fertility Coach speciality, Veronica Anusionwu, the ten volumes in the ‘Help For Infertility’ collection use God-inspired wisdom and guidance to help any woman achieve her dream of starting a family. Millions of women are frustrated, overwhelmed and have lost hope through their apparent struggles to conceive but, through God’s word, Anusionwu is proving that things can change…for anyone.

A Special Prayer For a Man Or Woman Who Feels Insecure

Many times in your life you will find yourself feeling insecure of yourself because of the challenges that life presents. Today, I want to encourage you with God’s word. The bible says “Whoever trusts in the Lord shall be kept safe”. Proverbs 29:25. I encourage you to be at rest and know that God is […]