We all hope to get married one day, start a family, and have children. But is it that easy to have children whenever we want to? This is my story on how God touched my life with a child. We got married in 2008 and thought we will give it a year before we tried for a child.
However there were pressures from my in-laws to have kids sooner, and they were concern whether I had a problem. All this gave me pressure and it started to concern me. To please my in-laws, I went for a check-up and the doctor gave me a list of test to be done. I was sad about with what was happening.
I browsed the internet one day and came across Veronica Anusionwu book titled “Woman, You Are Not Infertile”. I was a bit sceptical to buy the book at the beginning, but something told to me buy it. I bought the book and started reading it and praying. In one month of reading the book, I conceived. I felt so blessed. Mr & Mrs Paul, India.