Can’t Get Pregnant? I Help You Work With God to Heal Infertility

I have worked with many women to help them have healthy babies. If you haven’t been able to conceive and experience a successful pregnancy, I can lead you on the proven path to having your baby.

Being unable to give birth can be a couple’s greatest sorrow. You want a child more than anything, yet it just doesn’t seem possible. Don’t give up hope. God’s plan includes you having a healthy baby. We simply need to work together to follow the path Jesus has made possible.

I give you powerful payers to recite. These are not generic prayers but specifically individualized to give YOU the strong spiritual support and hope you need to become pregnant.

I also provide directions on how to say the prayers, how to visualize your happy future, and how to walk hand in hand with our Heavenly Father toward the baby he has planned for you.

When the usual methods to solve infertility haven’t worked, when you can’t afford expensive medical procedures, and when you are lost in despair and disappointment, these wonderful prayers will fill you with the excitement and happy expectation only God can bring.

For many years I have worked with women and couples individually, but now I have developed the masterclass to enable me to work with you and help more women who are seeking help to conceive.

Are you tired of running around in circles and not knowing what to do? Then the masterclass will help you. One of the ladies who signed on recently sent me this message. “The Help For Infertility Masterclass has given me focus — a place to come to every day. I am at peace. I have clarity and direction. I am no longer going round in circles on the internet looking for guidance. Veronica thank you for this masterclass”.

This testimony sums up what I had in mind when I created the masterclasses for you. A place where you can come and get peace, clarity and direction. Where you will find the exact help you need to defeat infertility. And also learn how to apply it into your situation the information you will receive to get you, your testimony.

I have used my knowledge and experience of over 20 years to create these masterclasses. You will be amazed and blessed by the wealth of help available inside to you inside the platform.

Please see my affordable masterclass packages below. Enroll today and let us work together to give YOU the baby you want and deserve. This is the most rewarding journey a prospective father or mother can take. Let’s do this together for a happy outcome.


One-on-One Mentoring
I understand that for some couples working in a group may not be comfortable. One-on-One Mentoring is available to those who need it. If you want to work with me we can always arrange the cost. You can contact me by booking a free discovery session.


Help For Infertility Masterclass

God Has Not Forgotten You
Hope For a Woman Struggling to Conceive Masterclass

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Latest Reviews

Veronica taught me so much about the goodness of the Holy Spirit and the faithfulness of our Magnificent God. Thank you for all your books, amazing books, your love , and prayers. To God be the glory I was never barren!!!! Aminta
Dear, Sister. I tested positive on my pregnancy test. Praise the Lord. God has opened my womb. Please give me some prayers that I can say throughout my journey of my pregnancy.
Veronica, thank you for your great work. God is using you to wipe away tears in the eyes of many hopeless couples. I am blessed by your ministry. I am a happy mother of children.
We worked with Veronica after being told we could not conceive. Today we have a beautiful daughter and we thank Veronica and give all the glory to Jesus for what he has done for us. Amen!
Kelly / George
I contacted Veronica after I had a miscarriage, also doctors told me I had polycystic ovaries syndrome. I worked with her and she put a plan in place for me. Today I can testify that I am 5 months pregnant.
I had a baby boy last Wednesday. We have been discharged and doing well. I just want to thank you for your books, support, and prayers. May God replenish and reward you for your good work.

I know you are here because you need this kind of testimony. Take the first step towards your miracle and know that I am committed to helping you win like I have done for so many people.

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