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Your Book of Life:
Unlocking the Mysteries
of Persistent Defeat and
Unanswered Prayers.

By Bishop Veronica Anusionwu


Have you ever wondered why your prayers seem to go unanswered, and why your struggles persist? This book delves deep into the timeless mysteries of the Bible surrounding the concept of the Book of Life, revealing how the blueprint for your life was established long before you ever set foot on this earth.

Through careful exploration of biblical teachings, this book sheds light on the notion that our destinies were predetermined before our birth, offering a fresh perspective on the challenges we face in life. By unraveling the secrets of the Book of Life, readers will gain valuable insights into how to overcome obstacles and manifest positive change in the areas of their lives where they have been met with persistent defeat and unanswered prayers.

Drawing upon ancient wisdom and timeless truths, “The Book of Life” presents a roadmap for personal growth and transformation. This book is designed to help individuals break free from the patterns of defeat and disappointment, guiding them towards a life filled with purpose, fulfillment, and spiritual abundance.

Discover the power within you to rewrite your story, replace negativity with joy, and unlock the divine plan that awaits you. Are you ready to uncover the hidden gems of your Book of Life and embark on a journey towards a brighter, more hopeful future? Join us on this transformative adventure and step into a new chapter of your life today.


Here are 20 key personalized Benefits you will gain from your Book of LIFE

  1. Welcome to the transformative world of “Your Book of Life: Accessing Your Divine Destiny”
  2. Unlock the hidden reasons for your pain and suffering, paving the way for profound healing and transformation.
  3. Discover the empowering truth that you hold the key to shaping your future by unlocking and transforming the contents of your Book of Life within your grasp.
  4. Empower yourself with practical steps and powerful prayers to guide you in accessing your Book of Life and aligning with your divine purpose.
  5. Embrace a future filled with hope, fulfillment, and divine alignment by delving into “Your Book of Life.”
  6. Explore the profound concept of your personal Book of Life and its impact on your path.
  7. Gift your loved ones with the life-changing journey of “Your Book of Life: Accessing Your Divine Destiny.”
  8. Take the first step towards your destiny by purchasing the book “Your Book of Life” and unlocking your own Book of Life.
  9. Discover the concept of Your Book of Life and how it impacts your decisions and experiences.
  10. Access Your Divine Guide to transform negative experiences into positive outcomes by understanding and utilizing Your Book of Life.
  11. Realize the power within you to shape your destiny and create a more fulfilling life through “Your Book of Life.”
  12. Rewrite your story and align it with your true purpose through divine guidance.
  13. Tap into your inner power to overcome obstacles and achieve your aspirations with the insights from “Your Book of Life.”
  14. Erase limiting beliefs and old patterns to make room for new possibilities in your life.
  15. Build strategic relationships that align with your dreams and goals to support your journey of personal transformation.
  16. Choose abundance and positivity to attract blessings and prosperity into your life.
  17. Find inner peace and serenity by letting go of fear and embracing faith in a higher plan for your life.
  18. Embrace your uniqueness and individuality, stepping into your true self with confidence and purpose.
  19. Visualize your desired future and take aligned action steps to manifest your dreams into reality.
  20. Celebrate each step to personal fulfillment and acknowledge the growth and progress on your journey.


“My name is Bishop Veronica Anusionwu, and I would like to share my personal testimony of how ‘Your Book of Life’ came to be. Faced with perplexing experiences in my life that seemed to defy explanation, I cried out to God for guidance and clarity. In response to my prayers, God revealed to me the concept of the Book of Life, where our life experiences are already recorded, waiting to be acknowledged and transformed.

As I delved deeper into this divine revelation, God illuminated promises and scriptures in the Bible that aligned with this profound teaching. Seeking further insight, I explored online resources and discovered accounts of others who had encountered similar revelations, albeit perhaps not in the same light as God had shown me.

On that pivotal day, without hesitation, I purchased a notebook and began the process of selectively deleting aspects of my life that no longer served me, replacing them with the positive changes I desired. To my amazement, immediate transformations unfolded in the areas I had chosen to rewrite, affirming the power of this practice.

This journey of personal transformation and empowerment inspired me to write’Your Book of Life.’ My earnest desire is for readers to approach this book with open hearts, embracing the truths within its pages and applying them to their own lives. I am confident that the teachings encapsulated in this work have the potential to bless countless individuals, guiding them towards a path of self-discovery, renewal, and fulfillment.

I am honored to present this book to you, and I fervently pray that it serves as a beacon of light and transformation in your life. Embrace the wisdom within these pages, and witness the positive changes that unfold as you rewrite your own story. Thank you.”

Bishop Veronica Anusionwu

“Life-Altering Revelation: A Testimony of Transformation After Reading ‘Your Book of Life”

“I never knew that the answers to my persistent problems were right in front of me until I read ‘Your Book of Life: Getting Answers to Persistent Problems’. This book opened my eyes to see how I had been suffering needlessly, all the while overlooking the wisdom and guidance found in the Word of God. I am filled with gratitude that I came across this book and took the time to read it.

After immersing myself in its pages, I have started to make positive changes in my life that I never thought possible. The insights and revelations within its chapters have empowered me to take control of my circumstances and move towards a brighter future.

I wholeheartedly recommend ‘Your Book of Life’ to young people, especially those on the brink of marriage or looking to start afresh in life. The wisdom contained in this book is invaluable, and it has the power to transform lives for the better. Thank you for sharing this enlightening and life-changing resource with the world.”

Mrs Glory (uk)

“Divine Conviction: A Testimony of Truth and Transformation Inspired by ‘Your Book of Life”

“When I first encountered ‘The Book of Life’ in the presence of Bishop Veronica, I was filled with disbelief and confusion. How could it be possible that the answers to life’s mysteries were already written and waiting to be discovered? As Bishop Veronica shared divine insights and truths from the Word of God with me, I found myself grappling with a mix of emotions and skepticism.

Leaving Bishop Veronica’s office that day, my mind was in turmoil. However, on my journey home, a gentle whisper from the Spirit of God touched my heart, confirming the truths that had been shared with me. It was a moment of clarity and conviction that I could not ignore.

In that moment of revelation, I realized the profound significance of the wisdom presented to me. I reached out to Bishop Veronica to express my gratitude and share how the Spirit of God had convicted me to listen and apply the teachings from ‘The Book of Life’ in my own journey. It was a transformative experience that has set me on a path of self-discovery, faith, and growth. I am forever thankful for this divine encounter.”

(Mr James Oke) UK

“Breaking Generational Barriers: A Testimony of Hope and Transformation with Bishop Veronica”

“I, Bahareti, a 50-year-old woman who had long carried the weight of childlessness, sought counsel from Bishop Veronica regarding my fertility struggles. As we conversed, she delved into my past, asking about my upbringing and the words spoken over me throughout my life. Memories of being told from a young age that I would never bear children resurfaced, echoing the sentiments of my grandmother and others around me.

Despite my unfruitful attempts at conceiving after marriage, I had never fully connected these early declarations with my present reality. It was during my discussion with Bishop Veronica that she revealed to me the existence of a covenant tied to those words—a covenant that needed to be broken for me to experience the blessing of motherhood.

For the first time, I was introduced to the concept that our lives are intricately woven into a preordained narrative, and that accessing our ‘book of life’ could pave the way for profound change. Inspired by Bishop Veronica’s insights, I made the decision to take control of my destiny and rewrite the chapters that had haunted me since childhood.

With newfound determination, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, determined to break free from the constraints of the past and shape a new future for myself. I am eternally grateful to Bishop Veronica for sharing these life-altering truths and guiding me towards a path of transformation and hope.”

Mrs B Karma

“Illuminating Perspectives: A Testimony of Transformation Through ‘Your Book of Life'”

“I was privileged to be one of the individuals asked by Bishop Veronica to proofread her book, and the experience was nothing short of transformative. As I delved into the pages of ‘The Book of Life,’ something within me shifted profoundly. Despite having read the Bible extensively and being a lifelong churchgoer, I had never encountered such profound teachings that resonated with me on such a deep level.

The revelations within the book opened my eyes to a new understanding of life as a journey and the Earth as a school of learning. I learned that our experiences are part of this educational process, but crucially, they are not set in stone. ‘The Book of Life’ illuminated the truth that we have the power to change our stories, our experiences, and the circumstances surrounding us.

Since immersing myself in the teachings of this book, I have adopted a new perspective on life. I now see each day as an opportunity to rewrite my narrative, to shape my experiences according to my desires. Inspired by the wisdom shared within its pages, I took up a notebook and began the empowering journey of rewriting my own story.

I firmly believe that the insights contained in ‘The Book of Life’ are invaluable and have the potential to impact countless lives worldwide. I am grateful to Bishop Veronica for sharing this enlightening work and for guiding me towards a path of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation.”

Helen wise (Lagos)

My review on your book, “Your Book of Life” by Bishop Veronica Anusionwu

‘I found this book very enlightening. Gives tremendous insight into how and why circumstances exist in one’s life and provides the tools you need to change those negative agreements. Insightful and thought- provoking!

Mrs CO, England

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About The Author

Bishop Veronica Anusionwu works with couples struggling to conceive. She is a gifted healer who walks in God’s healing power and compassion. Author of over 50 books on fertility, healing, childbirth, lifestyle, and relationships. She has helped many couples to conceive and fulfill their dream of having a family.

Veronica helps women overcome the internal blocks and seemingly impossible challenges confronting them in their struggle to conceive. Using prayers to heal, Veronica has helped numerous families crush infertility. She has tirelessly helped many overcome impossible situations and embrace their testimonies. The majority of couples she coached are happy parents today. There have been many testimonies from women around the world. Some of these fantastic testimonies can be found by visiting

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